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Urgent Care Sports Medicine Clinic in Hillsborough, NC

IndyCare Urgent Care Offers Walk-in & Same Day Appointments to Patients who Experience a Sports Medicine Injury. When You Have Sprain, Strain, Joint Pain or Any Other Sport’s Related Injury. Book an Appointment Online or Simply Walk-in. We Are Located at 110 Boone Square St, #29A Hillsborough, NC 27278.

Urgent Care Sports Medicine Clinic in Hillsborough, NC

Injuries happen during exercise and sports, whether you’re a pro athlete or just a novice trying to enjoy a day. We have the diagnostic capabilities to determine your injury. Then, we supply you with an appropriate treatment to manage your pain and promote healing. At IndyCare, serving Hillsborough, NC and the surrounding area, we welcome walk-ins, or you may opt to schedule an appointment during our regular office hours.

Examples of Injuries We Treat

When you’re running, stretching, and being active in any way, you’re working ligaments, muscles, and tendons. You’re putting them all at risk of an injury like a sprain or strain. A strain occurs when you injure a muscle or a tendon. In most cases, a person strains their leg, back, or foot.

On the other hand, a sprain is a stretched or torn ligament. A ligament is the tissue that connects two bones together. Your knees, wrists, and ankles are most susceptible. A sprain tends to occur when a body part twists or turns in an unusual manner.

Exercise is hard on your joints. Often, joint pain stems from overuse. It’s even possible for tears to occur inside of your joint. While they don’t hinder your range of motion, they do cause discomfort. In most cases, these issues aren’t as serious. The three main types include a sprain in the joint capsule, a partial dislocation, or trauma to the joint.

Examples of Treatments We Provide

The type of treatment we supply you with is dependent on your injury. For instance, if you have a torn ligament, we may use a brace to keep it in place. The brace provides support while preventing the joint from moving around too much.

We may prescribe an analgesic to alleviate your pain. We don’t, however, encourage the usage of narcotic pain relievers to reduce your discomfort. In an effort to curb the opioid epidemic, we prescribe non-narcotic, anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce pain.

Part of our treatment includes patient education. We help you prevent a sports-related injury in the future. We stress the importance of stretching before physical activity. Additionally, we teach you ways to perform on the field, court, exercise mat, or wherever.

Why Choose Our Sports-Injury Care

We’re a clinic with a variety of skilled personnel. All of our staff enjoy helping others and genuinely want to help your injury heal. We ensure that you receive the care you need and accurately. We know if you want to get back to sports, you want to do it as soon as possible and on a healthy timeline. We help you achieve this. We also help you get back to daily activities as soon as possible.

At our urgent care clinic, we treat a variety of sports injuries. Our facility possesses diagnostic testing capabilities and staffing that can accurately diagnose your problem.

We can handle a majority of non-life-threatening issues. It allows you to save money on the cost of medical treatment. Not to mention, we rid you of the burden of the hectic environment of the ER. Instead, you come into our office and tell our administrative assistant about your issues, making the process much easier. Plus, we handle sports-related injuries in people of all ages – ranging from children to adults to seniors.

Book an appointment online or walk into IndyCare. Serving Hillsborough, NC and the general vicinity. We treat you or your child’s sports injury today.