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Best Walk-in Clinic in Hillsborough, NC

Visit IndyCare Urgent Care for your non-emergency needs. Our walk-in clinic provides the best care for you and your family. Located at 110 Boone Square #29A Hillsborough, NC. We are open 6 days per week. No appointment required! Simply walk-in!

Best walk-in clinic in Hillsborough, NC

Here at IndyCare Urgent Care, you do not require an appointment to meet with one of our qualified medical professionals. Not only do we provide all the amenities and services as a traditional urgent care clinic, but we also offer a wide variety of preventative health care services, many of the most common lab tests, and pediatric urgent care – which is in high demand. You do not require an appointment to meet with our certified medical professionals, we welcome clients on a walk-in basis.

IndyCare Urgent Care, accepts most major insurance plans. If you are without insurance but require medical assistance for an urgent matter, we also offer competitive, affordable self-pay pricing options for our services. Please visit our website to see which insurance plans we accept, as well as our options for self-pay pricing – these are located under the Resources tab on our website.

Our clinic specializes in creating the environment of a healthcare hub for our patients. Our urgent care facilities are top of the line and prepared to deal with a variety of conditions and urgent medical situations. If you require urgent medical care or are in a non-emergency medical situation, then please come to IndyCare Urgent Care and we will take care of you – whether you have booked an appointment or if you are a walk-in patient. In addition to our urgent care and walk-in services, we also allow patients to fill their prescriptions and connect with other health care resources – which includes preventative medical care and many common lab tests.

Our walk-in pediatric urgent care services were highlighted as being the best in Hillsborough, NC. If your child is unwell, feel free to call in to book an appointment, book one online via our website, or walk-in today. IndyCare Urgent Care, offers the best medical and customer service; we will quickly diagnose and treat your child as soon as possible.

For our patients, both pediatric and otherwise, we offer a wide variety of services and treatments for injuries and illnesses. We provide on-site diagnostic testing, preventative care and testing, and our clinic can accommodate many urgent medical situations that would often have patients waiting to be seen in an emergency room. However, unlike an emergency room, you will receive fast and efficient treatment, that is much less expensive than a visit to an ER.

If you are looking for the best urgent care walk-in clinic in Hillsborough, NC, then IndyCare Urgent Care is the clinic for you. We were selected as the “best urgent care” by The News of Orange and you will only wait, on average, ten minutes to be seen at our clinic, if you are a walk-in. We also take appointments, so book yours online or over the phone today!

We offer a convenient location, at 110 Boone Square St, #29A in Hillsborough, NC 27278. We are also open six days a week to help serve your urgent care needs. If you need to see a doctor, then walk-in or book your appointment online now.