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Best Pediatric Urgent Care in Hillsborough, NC

The Experienced Doctors and Staff at IndyCare Provide the Best Pediatric Urgent Care in Hillsborough. We Will Give Your Child Quality Medical Care and Attention. When Your Child is Not Feeling Well Simply Walk-in or Visit Us Online to Book an appointment. Located at 110 Boone Square St, #29A Hillsborough, NC 27278.

Best Pediatric Urgent Care in Hillsborough, NC

You’ve probably heard the expression “Children are the future.” Well, it’s true, and as a parent, that little one is your entire world. At IndyCare, serving Hillsborough, NC and the surrounding area, we see children of all ages who are sick or in pain, and our first reaction is to treat them just like they were our own. We quickly determine a diagnosis and start treating the problem as soon as possible.


We help children who come into our office with infections like the flu, sinusitis, and other similar illnesses. We even treat eye infections. We prescribe medications to treat the problem, if possible. If we can’t treat the infection, we educate you on ways to manage your child’s condition.


IndyCare also takes care of pediatric patients who sustained an injury, such as a cut, sprain, strain, or other similar problem. We’re able to diagnose the problem based on your child’s symptoms and possibly diagnostic testing. We cleanse wounds in order to prevent infection. If your child has an infected wound, our office has the ability to heal the infection. We can identify if your child requires stitches or staples and can apply them. If not, we may just need to bandage the area. For sprains and strains, we diagnose the problem and recommend home care measures you can take to ease your child’s discomfort.

Insect Bites and Bee Stings

Insect bites are a common concern for parents considering many pests carry diseases that have the potential to cause long-term effects. At IndyCare, we analyze your child’s insect bite and take note of any reactions occurring. Next, we inquire about any symptoms your child has been experiencing. This could help us identify any serious issues.

If your child has a tick, we will safely and completely remove it. We perform Lyme disease testing as necessary. After a bug bite, we may prescribe an antibiotic if your child has any type of infection from it. We also take care of allergic reactions. Our office will assist your child after a bee sting as well.

Skin Issues

According to Kid’s Health, a site sponsored by The Nemours Foundation, allergies affect up to 50 million kids. Whether your child has a reaction to a detergent or is breaking out in hives as a result of a medication, we manage your child’s symptoms and assist you in figuring out the root of the problem. At our office, we treat children who have poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac. Other skin issues we address in children include impetigo, shingles, and sunburn.

Why Choose Us

First and foremost, IndyCare offers a wide variety of services and treatments for injuries and illnesses in pediatric patients. We are able to provide on-site diagnostic testing. In fact, our clinic can accommodate many of the issues people go to the emergency room for besides life-threatening concerns.

We are an urgent care facility, so you don’t have to wait in long lines like you would in an emergency room. Unlike the emergency room, you don’t have to visit multiple departments before being seen by a doctor. We get to you as soon as possible in order to reduce the wait time for you and your child. We’re also much less expensive than the average ER visit.

Book an appointment online – or walk into – IndyCare, serving Hillsborough, NC and the surrounding area. You may use our online contact form or call us at (984) 223-4021.